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Financial Advisor Dubai: Why Paying for It Saves You Money

For many years, independent financial advisors Dubai, UAE have operated on a sales-driven commission model. This has meant that instead of being paid directly by those who came to them for impartial financial advice, they received a commission from the providers of the financial products as a marketing cost, with the advice function being a secondary consequence of the transaction.

Forum Thread: Read any good books lately?

My last two books were non-fiction. The Decline and Fall of the Soviet Empire by Fred Coleman and The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada by Marci McDonald.The Soviet Empire one covered the period from just after the rule of Stalin in 1953 to the time of Yeltsin in 1995 (I just had to go to wikipedia to see what happened after.) It was slow reading, partly because of a little bit repetitive writing style and partly because it wasn't strictly a sequential history all...

Forum Thread: Finding free ebooks!

One of the perks of having a dedicated eReader is the sheer number of free ebooks available. You don't have to be stuck with the classics - many modern authors make some or all of their books available for free as promotional tools for their print books. 

Forum Thread: Does anyone else borrow library books?

With the price of books these days, unless I'm sure I'll want to keep the book after reading it, I usually borrow it from a local library. Plus, having read so many sci fi books over the years, I'm finding I no longer enjoy them when they repeat a timeworn theme or plot device. I'm sure that twenty years ago I would have been fine with the same book. So most sci fi books I borrow from the library now. Plus, most non-fiction is in expensive hardcover form so some of those come from the library...

Forum Thread: Are some long books too long?

I'm reading Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle which is 640 pages long. The back of the book lead me to believe that it's all about people living in he aftermath of a comet hitting the Earth. But last night I got to page 215 and the comet is only now hitting. That's a lot of pages to read before getting to the point. In fact, I skimmed or entirely skipped many of them.I've never felt the need to skim when reading a 250 or less page book. And I don't always with a longer book ...

Forum Thread: What are your favorite books?

I'm glad that question's in the plural form. In sci-fi I'd have to pick "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card, "The Mote in God's Eye" by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, and "Genesis" by W.A. Harbinson, just based on how many times I've read them. Ask me again tomorrow and it'll be different. For non sci-fi fiction, "Last of the Breed" by Louis L'Amour really blew my hair back. Despite what you might expect by the author it's not a western. It's about an American military pilot of Sioux ancestr...

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