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News: The Magic of Book Covers

I love books almost as much for their book covers as I do their actual books. A well-designed book cover matches the intent and spirit of the story, and can often enhance the experience of reading it.

News: Star-Base 479

Audio Book Streams, Classic SciFi Television Streams and Nightly Streams of Classic Art Bell Broadcasts. The streams consist of books consisting of Science Fiction, Classic TV Shows and Future Books. Each night also includes streams of Art Bell broadcasts for Dreamland and Coast to Coast AM.

News: Rockcliffe Park Book Fair

The annual Rockcliffe Park Book Fair is on this weekend here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It started Friday morning (November 4th) and runs until Sunday. The Rockcliffe Park area is where we keep our mansions and the book fair is right in the middle of it all. With the exception of the collectables, prices range from $0.50 for paperback fiction to $4 for some hard cover fiction. I once bought a delightful, massive tome entitled the Encyclopedia of Space for $1 - bargoon!

News: E-reader frustrations

I've had my Kindle e-reader for quite some time now, and I really do love it. I like playing Scrabble on it, and I like being able to slip one device into my purse that I can pull out and read any novel from my library wherever I am. I especially like that it is NOT a tablet, which seems to be what some of the other e-readers are trying to do. However, there is one big annoying problem: DRM.

News: Exporting Democracy

Bob Rae's book, Exporting Democracy - The Risks and Rewards of Pursuing a Good Idea, is a good read, however, I found its title misleading. The title and description on the jacket would lead you to believe that it's about efforts over the years to spread democracy, but only a small portion, namely involving Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, is really about that. And I don't think I was alone in thinking this. In the acknowledgements at the end it's stated that a comment on an earlier draft was...

News: Rocketeers

Michael Belfiore's book, Rocketeers - How a visionary band of business leaders, engineers, and pilots is boldly privatizing space, answers just what the subheading asks.

News: The Guild

In case you haven't heard of it, The Guild is an internet phenomenon created by Felicia Day and a host of other very talented people. It started out as a sitcom web series called The Guild that released its fourth season in 2010. The series has also spawned music videos such as Do You Wanna Date My Avatar and Game On and many other wonderful offshoots. It's also won a few awards over the years.The Guild consists of six main character who play an online role playing game together (MMORPG) but ...

News: Write any good books lately?

I started writing when I was around 12 years old, beginning with stories around 11 pages long. Then I graduated to 40 page stories. I even sent one to Lucasfilm, my suggestion for the next to be made film in the Star Wars series, Revenge of the Jedi. Yes, I said "Revenge". I don't care what George Lucas says, that's what everyone was originally calling what became Return of the Jedi. I still have the envelope and nice letter from them saying they don't read unsolicited material but keep writi...

News: Return to Mars

I said I'd take a break from non-fiction and read a fiction book next and so I did in the form of Return to Mars by Ben Bova. Return to Mars is the sequel to his book, Mars, and continues from where that one left off. Together they are a part of his Grand Tour series of novels, novels taking place throughout the Solar System.This book is true science fiction. It keeps to plausible, and near future science. In fact some of the strategies used in getting to and surviving on Mars come from the M...

News: Social networking via Kobo ebook

Kobo Inc. has a new iPad app called Reading Life that lets you social network while you're reading. It lets you share what you're reading, favorite passages, where you are in the book, earn badges and rewards, and keep statistics.Kobo will make it available for iPad first, with a tablet version. Later, it'll support the upcoming RIM PlayBook and other smartphones.

News: Google eBooks is now available!

The best thing about Google eBooks, besides its 3 million titles? You can read the books on any device - from your iPhone to your Sony Reader. It doesn't currently support Amazon Kindle files, but you can download the books you buy as PDFs or ePub files and then convert them on your Kindle.

News: Cookbooks for two ages

Look at the banner for this Books world and you'll see books of all kinds, including cookbooks. Can you spot the two of them in the banner? One of them is pretty obvious, Betty Crocker's Cookbook. The other is actually right beside it, The Anti-Aging Plan. What's interesting about these two is that they're actually from two different periods of my life.

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