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News: The Magic of Book Covers

I love books almost as much for their book covers as I do their actual books. A well-designed book cover matches the intent and spirit of the story, and can often enhance the experience of reading it.

News: Star-Base 479

Audio Book Streams, Classic SciFi Television Streams and Nightly Streams of Classic Art Bell Broadcasts. The streams consist of books consisting of Science Fiction, Classic TV Shows and Future Books. Each night also includes streams of Art Bell broadcasts for Dreamland and Coast to Coast AM.

News: Google eBooks is now available!

The best thing about Google eBooks, besides its 3 million titles? You can read the books on any device - from your iPhone to your Sony Reader. It doesn't currently support Amazon Kindle files, but you can download the books you buy as PDFs or ePub files and then convert them on your Kindle.

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