News: Write any good books lately?

Write any good books lately?

I started writing when I was around 12 years old, beginning with stories around 11 pages long. Then I graduated to 40 page stories. I even sent one to Lucasfilm, my suggestion for the next to be made film in the Star Wars series, Revenge of the Jedi. Yes, I said "Revenge". I don't care what George Lucas says, that's what everyone was originally calling what became Return of the Jedi. I still have the envelope and nice letter from them saying they don't read unsolicited material but keep writing. Which I did.

Write any good books lately?

My pièce de résistance was my book. I wrote most of it the summer I was 18 and finished it during Christmas holidays when I was home from university when I was 19. I wrote it entirely to the first side of the album, Tubular Bells.

The book is 177 handwritten pages long, written using these devices (pen Photo:Trounce/Wikimedia Commons).

Write any good books lately?

The book is called Crystal and is a science fiction story about successive groups of humans arriving at and surviving on the mysterious planet, Crystal. One side of the planet always faces the sun and is forested and has oceans while the other side is carpeted in clear or bluish crystals interfered with by the occasional hilly, treed island.

Write any good books lately?

To my surprise, the book does keep my attention when I reread it now. It actually has well defined characters, action, tragedy, tribulations and even a bit of a romance. I wrote only the first draft and the writing isn't the best, but it's not unbearably bad either. I did do one silly thing. I insisted that each chapter be seven pages long. But while you'd expect that would make some chapters tedious, that isn't the case. They all move along well.

Who's read it? I did and an ex-wife of one of my brother's did, despite the horrible handwriting.

More recently I took some short story writing classes and some of my recent short stories can be found on my website.

So now I ask you... Written any good books lately, or in the past? Or any short stories? If so, please comment below.


Wow Steve, that's pretty awesome! Any chance you're going to publish it? I currently don't have the discipline to make myself write a whole story, but I'd love to.

Thanks! As for publishing it, it would require a total rewrite to raise the quality of writing high enough and while it is a good story, it's not one I'm passionate about to do that. I have other stories in mind that I am, but there's the question of time. Short stories are less time consuming though and so I do those. I encourage you to write some. All it takes is to start, after that the rest is easier. And I'd love to read one, so please do!

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