Forum Thread: Does anyone else borrow library books?

With the price of books these days, unless I'm sure I'll want to keep the book after reading it, I usually borrow it from a local library. Plus, having read so many sci fi books over the years, I'm finding I no longer enjoy them when they repeat a timeworn theme or plot device. I'm sure that twenty years ago I would have been fine with the same book. So most sci fi books I borrow from the library now. Plus, most non-fiction is in expensive hardcover form so some of those come from the library too.

Anyone else out there borrow from libraries? If so, why?

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It's amazing how the concept of borrowing books from the library is almost antiquated for middle to upper socio-economic classes. I recently worked on a project with a friend which required a lot of research and stupidly, it took us halfway through the duration of researching for it to occur to us that we should be using the LA public library. I've often rented movies, but I'm now converted to borrowing books as well (something I hadn't done since college...)

I must admit, back when I was "rich" I used to buy books without ever flinching at the prices; that's why I now have an unread-bookcase.  Though I never felt the library was antiquated - I just liked owning my books in case I wanted to read them again. In the end, I sold or gave away half of them away; I didn't want the floor to cave in from the weight :).

I like haunting the local libraries during their periodic book sales. Last time I scored some great finds (for me, at least). Occasionally I'll borrow a book from them, but it's only stuff that I can breeze through in a day or two. For example, the last book I borrowed was Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw, which is basically a collection of his assorted essays.

The book is classic Anthony Bourdain - he skewers certain people and and then he showers love and affection on others. But it's not the sort of book I want to keep in my collection. It was a quick, effortless read.

Me, I'm not much for the library. I've got a slight germ phobia. I could deal with those books, but I'd much rather clean books I buy rather than ones I have to give back.

But my girlfriend lives at the library! She's currently finishing up grad school for Anthropology and by no means can afford to buy the texts required to do her research. Though, she is frequenting the library a little less thanks to her new Kindle.

@Justin... you are crazy. germs??

Now, now wonderkinds... Besides, Justin and I are entitled to our insanit<del>phobias. And just because there may not be germs, that doesn't mean something else's not out to get us. Why, just the other day I flipped a page and a bookworm leaped straight out of the fold and bit me! That's another thing the Kindle has going for it - no vicious bookworms!

justin's my pal... but insanitphobia is exactly the right word. :)

Justin, The thought of the germs has crossed my mind too. I manage to squelch any concern, though, and read on.

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