Forum Thread: Create a Book Library - Tips from the Book Lovers

Book collection is a great hobby, until the time the collection grows into a mess. Yes, it is too easy to get messy with books. There comes a time when from giving up the book collection habit to organizing a yard sale – every idea crosses the mind.

However, if you love your books and don't want to part with them, you can handle the situation in a different way. You can turn a space into a home library. This way you will not have to give away your books. You would not have to give up book collection either.

So, what is the master plan? How can you create the home library of your choice? This will get difficult if you live in a small space. However, don't fret; here is a list of ideas which will help you turn a space of your home into a library.

Spot the Space

The first stage is to identify the space where you will set up your grand home library. This needs to be a comfortable corner where you can sit and read in peace. If you set up the library in the living room, you will not get the chance to read in peace. So, a corner of your balcony or maybe the space under the staircase will be the right space for a library.

Find a Book Storage Space

If the space is not ready to decorate into a library, it will be a good idea to find the right book storage unites to keep your books safely for a while. Before, renting this space, you must pay a visit to the space. Ensure that your books will safe here for a couple of weeks.

Make sure to pack the books in a way that they don't get damaged while in the storage. You must cover each one of the book with plastic to protect the pages. After covering them, you must use cardboard box to store them for a while. Although a wooden box is preferred, a cardboard box will do the job.

This precaution is taken to preserve the books in right order. You would not want to retrieve wet or damaged books after your library is created.

Decorating the Library

Once you have identified the unused space, you need to think of the decoration. Not everyone is lucky enough to have an additional room. If it is the space under staircase you have chosen, make sure to get a good quality book case. After you place the books in the shelf you must pay attention to the sitting arrangement.

Comfort is the key word here. You need a comfortable chair to sit and spend time in reading. A rocker will work fine in this case. You can get bean bags for the purpose of making sitting arrangements as well.

If you don't have a staircase space for the library, you can create a built-in library inside a loft bed. This idea is in right at the moment. The owners of the small houses are turning their loft beds into the libraries and reading nooks. The best thing about this space is you will not have to spend a lot of money on the sitting arrangement for the reading.

You can choose a window side for the library as well. Here you will not have the usual lighting problem. In the morning, you will get enough light to read comfortably. However, you might have to install some lights for reading purpose at night.

After Decoration

Once your library is decorated for the reading purpose, you need to make arrangements to get books back from the storage unites . A little polishing with dry cloth will make your library shiny and attractive.

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