Forum Thread: Anyone have experience with your e-book readers?

I still read paper books and books on my PC but I've always dreamed of having an e-book. I guess the monthly fees have always scared me off - if there are monthly fees. Does anyone here use one? If so which one? How do you like it? Roughly what are the costs involved?

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I got the latest Kindle with Wi-Fi as an anniversary present from my husband. (Best husband ever!)

Anyway, I'd actually been researching this for the past year or so because I was starting to get really tired of lugging multiple books around the airport when traveling or commuting. (I read pretty fast.) Right now, because of pricing wars, the various ereaders have actually become much more affordable and reasonable for the average reader.

I opted for the Kindle with Wi-Fi instead of the 3-G because I have wireless at home, and I don't really need an always-on connection. Plus it's $50 cheaper. According to the research I did - it's the one with the longest battery life, the one with the best access to a good online ebookstore (, and with the cheapest ebooks (generally books are $9.99 or less). There's an ongoing battle between publishing companies and Amazon over pricing, but overall I think Amazon will eventually win, as will consumers. However, one of the things I didn't like about Amazon Kindle is that it's not that open, and originally it didn't support the .epub format, which is fast becoming a standard among other ereaders.

 So far I love the Kindle, and I haven't even bought any books yet! I've loaded it with stuff that I found free off the Internet. has a substantial limited time offers section where they offer modern free ebooks. If you load other stuff off the Internet, you just send it to your personalized email.

My biggest gripe is that the site itself is a mess, and there's no easy way to see all your Kindle stuff all in one place.

Other ereaders I looked at: Kobo ereader (great for the price, but it's kind of minimalist on the features; you get access to the Borders bookstore and the Kobo ebookstore - I did download the app for my smartphone and thought it was really great), Sony ereaders (way too expensive for most of them and for what you get - you get access to the Borders bookstore), Barnes & Noble nook (advantage with the secondary browser at the bottom, and you get to browse any book while you're in a Barnes & Noble bookstore, but the one I checked out at the store was really clunky on navigation).

Thanks for the detailed info! I was expecting some kind of monthly membership or access fee but I see it's just the cost of the Kindle and the books you buy.  I like the having all the books at you finger tips part. I do sometimes feel guilty about all those trees, but then I almost exclusively buy used and either keep for reference or re-reading or give away - or I borrow from the library.

I looked at's limited time offer... drool. Lots of math and science books for me plus one about Hippocrates that looks interesting. There are also plenty of romance books for those looking. And all free.

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